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With ever growing numbers of Apple iOS and MacOS in the workforce, some IT departments are struggling to adequately address or support security and governance issues in the same way they deal with Windows and Android devices. As seasoned certified professionals, this is where we start to make a difference and bring value to your organisation.

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The approach to tech problems can be many faceted and sometimes more complex than we have the time or energy to devote to them. Our approach is simple. A consulting, coaching session to make a shopping list of the biggest issues your organisation faces then build out right size projects that have guaranteed timelines to fit your budget.

Deployment & Maintenance.

These two cornerstones of tech in business are so often overlooked. Deploying hardware with proven standards remove pain and obstacles down the road. Deploying in a uniform manner gives a streamlined user experience. With very few tools Deployment and ongoing maintenance are becoming less of a task more of a true turn key experience.

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Apple Server Certified

Apple’s server is a true workhorse when setup with focused tasks in mind. DNS, DHCP, OpenDirectory. We've been working with Apples servers since 2001, let us help make sense of the acronym soup for you. We'll plan your server to power your projects and keep your critical tasks operating 24/7.
Projects that scale, we will plan from day one to have a robust versatile system, monitored, backed up and ready to take the load.


AirStars - Wireless Services

consulting, design, deployment & validation.

Wi-Fi Sucks!

I wonder how many times you hear that phrase? All too often we have cause to shake our fist at the sky. The ubiquitous adoption of Wi-Fi and it's expected availability in every corner of our daily life has upped the stakes. In new business or even in the home we can’t afford bad Wi-Fi.
Good Wi-Fi design is hard, it requires tools, effort and expertise to design, deploy and verify.
Following best practices and vendor neutral approach the CWNP certification path is industry recognised and the first line of defence against bad Wi-Fi.

Please check my CWNPID: CWNP824782 at


Wi-Fi that works! At home, at work, everywhere!

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